Shop opening

Just to update you. The shop at Seven Broad Street, Penryn is officially OPEN!

Its ever such a lovely space to be in, I’ve got a table to work at in the middle & lots of lovely things displayed to buy. I’ve gone for it in a big way with print; there’s my work but also that of Jo Alyward, Esther Connon, The Printed Peanut, Alice Pattullo, Jeff Josephine & Helen Round. We have beautiful Cambridge Imprint cards & paper, the most amazing die cut cards from Mark Hearld & Sarah Young, some other print based cards which need looking through. I’ve also stocked in a load of lovely gift items; jewellery from Sarah Drew, little paper boat shaped candles, hand printed scarves, some wooden toys, twine, handmade flower shears, bamboo plates by Angela Harding, enamelware, my tea towels & some really marvellous French vintage t-cloths, ceramics by Ali Herbert, sage bundles, soaps, books, ceramic brooches & tote bags! There’s a whole lot to look at.

My opening hours for now will be during school hours but I’m being careful to announce the opening times each day in case they vary on my social media pages for the shop- look up ‘Seven Broad Street’ on instagram & Facebook.

if you come to the shop & the door happens to be closed for some reason do give me a call on 07974820636 I might have just nipped to the Post office.

i hope to see you really soon




All change!

Again I have to apologise! I’ve moved house, become a single parent, bought a gallery, gained a workshop & i’ve completely failed to write about any of it on here- sorry.

So yes, I’ve moved to beautiful Penryn, we did a crazy decision & changed our very pretty beach life (with not much going on around us) to a town, to a house with a gallery and a perfect workshop! Which means my front door actually is (mostly) always open. The gallery bit is a cooperative lead by artists, there are I think 10 people in the flock & it made so much sense to let it keep running, then through the magic door at the back of the gallery you can walk through to my workshop. Opening times are tues-Saturday from 10.30am-5pm so please call in! Bring a sketchbook, come & say hi (maybe send me a quick message first in case I’m on a lovely walk).

i hope to see you soon!

Lou xx


A moment of pride to share.

I was recently invited to take part in the new redesign of some of the bedrooms- the attic rooms at The Battersea Arts Centre.

My task, requested by Mydd a super creative (& one of the nicest people you could ever meet) who lives in Cornwall was to design a sleeve for a 12″ vinyl record which holds safe all sorts of sound treasures recorded by sound artist Ciaran Clarke, words of Cornwall, people talking & our beautiful beaches.

I took inspiration from the lines drawn on our sand after a high tide, the knotted ropes curled in bundles in every Cornish harbour & the room itself- how it might feel at the end of the day in Battersea, London when you have creatively given all you can give, to lie on the bed & listen to these sounds.

I’m so pleased with the result, it was cut & printed by hand & I felt extremely proud to watch it go off with them today from the start of their launch procession at the Hall for Cornwall, landing this evening by train before  marching the rest of the way to Battersea.

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Its lovely to sit here this evening watching their #pastyprogress

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New Products

Just a quick word to check in, gosh it’s been busy! Poorly children playing flu germ tag relay for weeks & so much (lovely) work to do, but I wanted to let you know about my new stuff that’s being loaded into my Etsy shop each day.

Firstly lots of lovely new sketchbooks! these have all been hand printed by me onto ‘Eco Sketchbooks’ which I’ve sourced from a British company based in Brighton. As you know I’m absolutely passionate about sketchbooks & I’m hoping to spread the enjoyment out there.

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& mugs, these are a real delight & perfect for picnics & BBQs now the weather is getting better. They have all been custom etched locally & are for sale either in my Etsy shop, Fannie & Fox in Penryn or at lovely Heligan in their retail shop

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I’ve also printed some bags recently but the lengthy process of this has nudged me into actually getting some tote bags screen printed locally using my spring design (below) which will hopefully be ready really soon.


These are the bags I’ve done, there are a couple in my Etsy shop but not many…

& lastly there are loads of new prints & I’ll get these all put onto the shop as soon as I can.

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I’m so pleased the weather is getting better, I’m feeling bring with inspiration & I’m looking forward to seeing you all out & about again this sunny season xxx

Message in a Bottle.

shipbooksMy little project idea for 2016 is to share my love of sketchbooks…. I’m going to send out 5 sketchbooks, three to good friends who like a bit of a sketch (Susie Hetherington Textiles, Debbie George Painter & Bruno from Super Fly Guy) one will be given to someone who follows me on social media & one will be left somewhere on the street of my nearest city (Truro) to be found.

Inside the front page will read: #messageinabottle.. If you have this sketchbook in your hands it’s likely that you’ve been given it by someone who thinks you’d enjoy it as something to be part of? So, what you do is, you do something, a sketch, poem? (in any medium that suits you) carrying on the story or theme in your own way from the previous people’s scribbles, illustrations, poetry etc. Then you hand it on/post it to someone else who you think might like to take part- that’s it. We all get to enjoy looking through other peoples sketches as it travels & add to something fun. Then when it’s done could the last person (pretty please) send it back to me in the stamped addressed envelope provided on the back page so we can all look through it.

My thanks in advance
Lou Tonkin.

keep in touch @loutonkin #messageinabottle

I hope you like the idea, I will share the results here!


Gallery Prints.


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I’ve been working very hard recently on a strong body of prints in the hope that I can send them out into the world like children to find a new super lovely gallery to be sold from….

Above is my print slideshow.

Please let me know.


New year outings

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I’ve been making the effort to go out on little outings as my New Years resolution… A day out last weekend took us to The Mid Cornwall Galleries  near Par in Cornwall( ). I’m rather ashamed to say I’ve never been before & I was so pleasantly surprised a great gallery! Really well displayed & organised, lots of great artists but for me the real treasure find was a print maker called Arthur Homeshaw.

Now, obviously I’m drawn to print but I’d never actually heard of Arthur?? A quick ‘Ecosia’ search (the new google, it plants trees per search) told me that actually dear Arthur was around from (1933-2011) so I just missed him by a whisker but what wonderful work…. (there is a good write up on here I’m glad I’ve found him now though & had I the pennies I would be marching out to get his fireworks print for my wall right now.

If you know of anyone I should enjoy looking up or I place you think I’d like to visit.. let me know.



A whole new year

Gosh! Such a lot happened last year that I think my feet actually left the ground at points.

Being a maker at The Lost Gardens of Heligan has of course been a source of constant joy, both socially & for wider inspiration & production.


My home life has changed to be almost unrecognisable compared to how it was last time I dared to blink (both sad & good), the children are happy & healthy though which is all that matters.. but it distracted me a LOT from my work last year & its definitely something to drag back this year.

Plans for the year; LOTS MORE PRINTING!

I’ve loved the print-making I’ve been able to do this year. I’m still doing my textile work of course but I’m going to make a point of making more time for print.


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Textile happiness that I’m still very much in love with:


What else has happened?? My harvest poster for Heligan was a great success & used everywhere..

& I was in the paper quite a bit… (the poppies only because of the beautiful poppies rather than me)

We were given a partnership status with the Campaign for wool for our wool project & I was commissioned to make an artwork to give as a gift for our royal visit at Heligan


I liked this still life artwork of the head gardeners office so much made from the Longwool that I kept it for myself!

17319_980616951978471_3647551885700215986_nI won 1st prize at The Port Eliot Festival for my flower arrangement (A particular highlight of the year)


Everyone was given a handmade spoon for Christmas (my resolution 2 years ago)

& the 2016 resolutions are to play more! find time for the beach or for seeing friends & visiting other creative spaces.

Cheers to you all, may we all have a ball this year xxx