All change!

Again I have to apologise! I’ve moved house, become a single parent, bought a gallery, gained a workshop & i’ve completely failed to write about any of it on here- sorry.

So yes, I’ve moved to beautiful Penryn, we did a crazy decision & changed our very pretty beach life (with not much going on around us) to a town, to a house with a gallery and a perfect workshop! Which means my front door actually is (mostly) always open. The gallery bit is a cooperative lead by artists, there are I think 10 people in the flock & it made so much sense to let it keep running, then through the magic door at the back of the gallery you can walk through to my workshop. Opening times are tues-Saturday from 10.30am-5pm so please call in! Bring a sketchbook, come & say hi (maybe send me a quick message first in case I’m on a lovely walk).

i hope to see you soon!

Lou xx