A moment of pride to share.

I was recently invited to take part in the new redesign of some of the bedrooms- the attic rooms at The Battersea Arts Centre.

My task, requested by Mydd a super creative (& one of the nicest people you could ever meet) who lives in Cornwall was to design a sleeve for a 12″ vinyl record which holds safe all sorts of sound treasures recorded by sound artist Ciaran Clarke, words of Cornwall, people talking & our beautiful beaches.

I took inspiration from the lines drawn on our sand after a high tide, the knotted ropes curled in bundles in every Cornish harbour & the room itself- how it might feel at the end of the day in Battersea, London when you have creatively given all you can give, to lie on the bed & listen to these sounds.

I’m so pleased with the result, it was cut & printed by hand & I felt extremely proud to watch it go off with them today from the start of their launch procession at the Hall for Cornwall, landing this evening by train before ┬ámarching the rest of the way to Battersea.

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Its lovely to sit here this evening watching their #pastyprogress

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