Message in a Bottle.

shipbooksMy little project idea for 2016 is to share my love of sketchbooks…. I’m going to send out 5 sketchbooks, three to good friends who like a bit of a sketch (Susie Hetherington Textiles, Debbie George Painter & Bruno from Super Fly Guy) one will be given to someone who follows me on social media & one will be left somewhere on the street of my nearest city (Truro) to be found.

Inside the front page will read: #messageinabottle.. If you have this sketchbook in your hands it’s likely that you’ve been given it by someone who thinks you’d enjoy it as something to be part of? So, what you do is, you do something, a sketch, poem? (in any medium that suits you) carrying on the story or theme in your own way from the previous people’s scribbles, illustrations, poetry etc. Then you hand it on/post it to someone else who you think might like to take part- that’s it. We all get to enjoy looking through other peoples sketches as it travels & add to something fun. Then when it’s done could the last person (pretty please) send it back to me in the stamped addressed envelope provided on the back page so we can all look through it.

My thanks in advance
Lou Tonkin.

keep in touch @loutonkin #messageinabottle

I hope you like the idea, I will share the results here!



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