Spring swap.

A few days ago on my facebook page I offered a ‘Spring Swap’  I had been thinking about how wonderfully rounded it feels to trade a skill for a skill, or something you love which you have put time into for something similarly considered by somebody else. SO I thought that instead of doing a spring giveaway this year that it would be nice to liven up the beginning of my week by doing a ‘Spring Swap’ it does of course have a value but when something is loved is that value just in money?? what would you swap in return for this as a trade?? (happy to be entertained by suggestions from the creative to the amusing)


I have had some amazing offers so far (some offers on this link)https://www.facebook.com/118577118182463/photos/a.127864063920435.9932.118577118182463/715400508500118/? type=3&theater which makes my job of choosing very difficult, but luckily my eldest son Ned has graciously offered to step forward & do it for me & I am going to take him up on it which means I can encourage you all even more! (this is me & Ned 🙂 )


What would you swap for this? Let me know if you haven’t already.

Choice happens later after the school pick up.