Happy New Year!!!!

Blooming blooms it’s 2014 already!!

Our New Year 1525037_10202923917281541_845409975_n

2013 was very good to me & I might actually miss it…. but here we are on the fresh new edge of a whole shiny new year. I have big plans for 2014- while it is already suggesting it might be tricky at times I am quite determined that I am going to walk on the sunny side of it all & squeeze every drop of pleasure out of each & every opportunity.

Actual stuff planned- I have made a new years resolution, I am going to learn to whittle a spoon. I hve always had a bit of a thing for spoons, the loving utilitarian purpose of them, how they feel, the familiarity of them & then when you use them over the years the way they wear down on one side depending on how the stirer stirs. This one is my very favourite, I picked it up from a road side stall from an Orang Asli village in Malaysia at the beginning of the year. It’s so very perfect & I would love to be able to make something like this.

1508020_10202923999803604_438646131_nSo if you have any tips on spoon making?  please pass them over.

A really big event to look forward to is at the beginning of February- I’ve booked naughtily onto the Angie Lewin Wood block print course at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park it’s a weekend course & while I couldn’t really afford it I decided to go for it anyway as  a chance to learn……I want to use every chance this year to learn more skills & to really develop the ones I have but before I do it I want to look at every printmaker I can to see how it works so I’m properly prepared & can make the most of it- again if you have any suggestions of printmakers you love, let me know.


I have set myself some separate tasks- I’ve got a brand new sketch book which was a birthday gift so I’m doing a drawing a day but also I plan to do a weekly wool & textile study of the  hedgerow to note the tiny changes maybe I will organise an exhibition at the end of this year to tell the story?

As for the rest of it I plan to just work hard, smile & enjoy the good people around me.

1511282_676046519102184_2012206769_nI have some work for sale on here & Ill add to it as I go. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.564387160268121.1073741827.118577118182463&type=3

I hope you all have a wonderful year & I look forward to sharing it with you, let me know what you are hoping to do with your year.



P.s. I am going to be working hard to gather together a body of artworks ready for galleries & ready for the summer season here in Cornwall. If you have a gallery either in Cornwall or not & you want some of my work to hang out with you then let me know anytime.