It’s December! hic…..

It’s December!!! which means full permission to sing Christmas carols all day for weeks, drink mulled wine with abandon & the best bit-rush out & buy a big lovely bushy Christmas tree 🙂 This is clearly my favourite bit because I’m quite a sentimental, nostalgic old thing & as I take out my battered old decorations box I greet each tree bauble like an old friend, it feels especially special this year as last year they were all packed away while we were in Malaysia (impossible to imagine now that this time last year we were baking in such intense heat!)

Ok, lots of people make great efforts to design their tree, maybe to match their soft furnishings or to be ‘this years’ colour but our tree is a jumbled mass of all sorts (including some really hateful plastic glitter covered balls which were bought one day when we first started out on the decoration road with tiny babies but I would love to disappear them to replace them with beautiful old globes of glass…..) anyway apart from the plastic horrors each decoration comes with a story- it might be that it was made at some stage by the children, or made & given by a friend….. actually the main theme of our tree is homemade! I cant possibly decide between them as a favourite I love them all (love is in the eye of the beholder- I especially enjoy the ones where you can still see the trails where the PVA glue was actually dripping off)

Here are some of mine:


The other thing I’ve been working hard on is making a proper advent calendar for my littles, I’ve always meant to but time just passes to easily & normally at this time of year I would be doing lots of fairs but that was all too difficult this year so I’ve had to duck out (still have stuff you can buy  you just wont see me out anywhere ) I’m so pleased with the little stockings of their calendar now it’s finished & I had such fun thinking up ideas for fillings- trying to avoid sweeties!! & plastic. 


Pride in a finished job!

Do you have a favourite Christmas tree decoration?? Do you know what I would LOVE?! As you all dress your trees in the next couple of weeks I’d love to see your favourites? Send me pictures & join in the cheer, I can put them all on a blog post together.

I can hear the mulled wine calling now!!



Love Lou.