A mending project

A little while ago I saw a picture on the Harris tweed facebook page of a ladies jacket, I shared the picture & said how I would love to get hold of one of these beauties to felt onto. (it was a bit like this one)

ladies-harris-tweed-tammy-jacket-mustard-check-3001523-0-1354807318000Well one of the lovely followers of my page said she had one somewhere… & that I could have it. She did say that it had been hanging in the garden & that she had already taken the buttons but that If I wanted it to fix I was welcome to it.

& little later on she contacted me to say that actually it was in quite a bad way & that perhaps I wouldn’t want it after all, it was rotten in places & that the moths had fully fed themselves from it for some time & that she had had it for over 33 years…. However, as enthusiastic as ever & always up for a challenge I said I would still like it.

Well… I got it this weekend… & I’m quite scared that I might have just met the thing that I actually can’t fix, I’m going to try though & no quick fixes I’m going to take my time with it & use it as an art project rather than a clothing mend. I’m up for suggestions with this one, I like the idea of the honest visible mend & it will of course have my trade mark British wildlife roaming over it, but what do you think should be on it?? Photo prints, old letters & if so of what? should it be relevant to mending or of the historical & utilitarian uses of a garment like this, different stitches? Send me your ideas.

IMG_5877 IMG_5878 IMG_5879 IMG_5880 IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5883 IMG_5884 IMG_5885

Another pick-up from the framers

I just wanted to say a little thank you to those of you for choosing to follow me first- thank you x

Ok, before I start I make no apologies for my photographs of my framed work today, it isn’t ever my favourite part but today the ONLY place I can be is the garden, the weather is so glorious that I am even typing this outside.

Here they are…

The honest thrush has already sold & there has been a request to keep back the VERY wild (& wide) flying crows but please ask if you are interested in any of these.

Best wishes,


A jewelled bird IMG_5730IMG_5258IMG_5729IMG_5731 song thrushIMG_5732 IMG_5734 magpie artworkIMG_5735IMG_5493 IMG_5494IMG_5733 cornishswimmerbyloutonkin