Screen-printing weekend

As promised here are the pictures of this weekends screen printing course, a 2 day adventure of wonders to learn how to screen print using paper stencils (the workshop the other day was screen printing using a screen that had been exposed with an image, below…)

End results








But today was with a lovely lady called Claire Armitage

First we learnt how to do a stencil print,

IMG_5621IMG_5622then a repeat print, then today we did our very own design using the techniques to print onto  a silk scarf- it was all a lot of fun!


IMG_5623 IMG_5624IMG_5625IMG_5634 IMG_5633 IMG_5632 IMG_5631 IMG_5630 IMG_5629 IMG_5628 IMG_5627 IMG_5626


Wandering the lanes

IMG_5564IMG_5557 IMG_5558 IMG_5559 IMG_5560 IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5563

I spent the afternoon wandering the lanes doing a bit of wool sketching & sat for a while to do my favourite view, towards Gull Rock.

Drum roll please……

It’s giveaway time!!

IMG_5021Thank you very much to everyone who entered & shared I REALLY appreciate it.

A tricky one this… I couldn’t just do a random number generator thing because It might not have fit the person.. I also wanted to choose someone who understood the medium or at least really liked it & would be able to feed results back to me.

So after much pen tapping & person researching I have chosen my jacket (guinea pig) winner!

Congratulations Fran Sherbourne!!

Fran bought a little wren picture off me quite recently (the email landed in my inbox literally as we were waiting for the flight back from Malaysia) So I know she likes what I do.. & I really appreciated the support & good feedback at the time.

pictureALSO Fran does such a brilliant thing that I thought it would be nice to do a little bit of information about her company- a sort of mutual appreciation.

She has the ‘Little Stamp Store’ & as she says on her facebook page:: ‘I hand carved rubber stamps that are mounted onto beautiful kiln dried oak blocks. Using oak blocks the traditional way gives a stunning finish to the stamp’.

They sound beautiful & they are so beautiful, I am going to be watching her page VERY closely in the future x

35527_608749839139919_230670843_n 601775_660211973993705_1960185043_n 943656_660212040660365_1880713775_n

So there you are, I hope you enjoy it Fran & I will look forward to the feedback.

To everyone else, don’t worry if you didn’t win this one, I’ll look for something else you might like as another giveaway soon ❤


Accidental art…

I’m having such a lovely time creating artworks at the moment that I ‘meant’ to go out today for a grocery shop but what actually happened was that I sat down at the table just to finish off a couple of stitches & think about my magpie design & when I looked up it was now, almost 3pm & almost time to get the children- oops! & I am very aware that my making frenzy must be clogging up everyone’s social media news feeds but I’m not anywhere even nearly well behaved enough to stop! so I thought I would put my new picture on here first.

& also to ask you for some advice… my task for the summer is to try to get some of my artworks into galleries, I’m aware that they are not conventional or even painted.. so I thought I would see if any of you know of any great quirky gallery who might like to stock me?? (I like the idea of trips to places like Brighton please???)









Sunday night after the most perfect half term EVER!

Well it’s Sunday night again after the most amazing half term week, the sun shone, we moved back into our house in the very lovely little Cornish village we get to live in, long hours were spent lolling (is that a word?)  in the garden planting vegetables & cutting flowers, the children off playing with friends they haven’t seen since the beginning of the winter. Everything looked more perfect than ever- like when you clean something & it sparkles as good as new & you love it more than ever! It was so lovely to see friends, all brilliant really.

P1070895And as if my mood wasn’t already good enough I got to pick up my newly framed pictures from Richard the framer, it’s going to take me some time to decide which is my favourite I LOVE them all! it makes me slightly reluctant to sell them… I might just have to squirrel one or two away…

Here they are though, which is your favourite?

IMG_5114 IMG_5090



IMG_5138 IMG_5139

IMG_5140IMG_5142 IMG_5143& don’t forget my giveaway it’s still going on I’ll choose sometime soon.

Lou xx