A giveaway of sorts….

You will all remember how much I enjoyed my hedgerow dress project I loved every part of the process & I think you all liked the end result? http://loutonkin.com/2013/04/09/hedgerow-dress/ Well since being back & even more inspired than ever I have been thinking really seriously about getting them made as a proper clothing line.IMG_4068

I have been looking into cloth- I think I can’t compromise on this as it’s really important to me that the fibre for the cloth & it’s production should be as sustainable & as local as possible so I’m waiting for a quote to get the cloth spun & woven in the UK (maybe even in Cornwall) using British wool. I’ve booked myself onto a screen printing workshop to make use of the print designs I’ve been working on for years (shirts to go next to dresses?, maybe dresses for little girls to go with bird stamped british wool cardis? so many lovely things to do!)

Anyway the thing that is quite unique to me is my fiddling about with designs & drawing on the wool, beautiful British birds, insects & flowers etc.. & although I have done this for a long time as art work & mending woollens it was quite a new experience for me to work with flat woven wool cloth- I of course loved how it worked with my dress & I was so proud to see it up there in the exhibition as part of the Organic Wool Wales Project but how does it last? I have been looking out for wool jackets in second-hand shops to work on to test it out..

IMG_5006 IMG_5008I put one on my facebook page today (above) so that I can work on them, wear them to see what happens to the felting…. Does it wear out? does it become even lovelier with a bit of wearing? Are the designs in the right place etc etc..I need to know all of this if I’m going to invest in it as part of my working future. This is where you come in…..

I found another wool jacket which I couldn’t resist because it was such rich looking wool in a lovely spring colour, I can’t wear them all at the same time so this one I’m going to give to one of you as part giveaway & part research project. but OBVIOUSLY you have to jump through lots of hoops to get it 😉 I need someone who will be able to wear it and let me know the results of this. I also want to see if it is generally thought of as a good idea, do people like my crazy birds?  so I want you to share it about a bit.

Anyway, this is the jacket (it is a second-hand jacket not a new one so it might have the occasional bobble or something)  I’ve tried & tried to get a better picture of the bluetit close up but this is the best I can do. It is size medium, a bit broad across my shoulders but I am kind of short..

IMG_5018 IMG_5019 IMG_5017 IMG_5021 IMG_5023

To enter the giveaway you have to like my facebook page, (it would be good to be able to keep in touch with the winner to find out how it works) & please could you share my picture which has the giveaway link so that I can get feedback from as many people as possible, also could you please leave a little note on the comments bit of the picture so that I know you have entered (names & comments will be written carefully on a piece of paper) & let me know why you would be the best person to test it out for me.

I’ll give you a couple of weeks, it’s half term next week which should keep me busy with other things os I will chose a winner after then.


17 thoughts on “A giveaway of sorts….

  1. I reckon this is a Sarah job to ensure the testing process is rigourous. She will be able to guarentee lots of wear, throwing down on the floor to be retrieved later, chucked in the back of the car, a child tugging away at it, stuffed in a bag for when it gets gets cold later and general rough and tumble – she is actually very ladylike. Also her mum may want to borrow it to ensure it passes the more mature lady test! I think its a great idea Lou and will keep a look out on car boots and charity shops for you

  2. I love it! It’s beautiful and unique and I love the extra details inside too! I am a medium and always cold so would have no problem wearing it now with t-shirts/ shirts or layered up with knits. I have also been looking for a wool tweed little jacket! X

  3. Lou
    I love it very much. I’ll wear it! And report back with pride. I can wear it mowing my lawn, at school and university, in London and in the wye valley! So lots of feedback… I will share your link and I don’t mind if you don’t choose me either! I think you’re onto a winner. Definitely. Back in Cornwall then? Hope life is good, Kate xxx

  4. What a wonderful idea! your birds and wildlife are perfect for clothes and I would love to test the jacket for you, I think it would do down really well at my rspb and ebws meetings ; ) Cant wait to see your full collection, its sure to be a huge success!

  5. Lou
    Just seen your newest post. The jacket looks beautiful and the image of the Blue Tit looks amazing. Great idea on up cycling used clothing. Pity you cant pick up these jackets new and inexpensively. I am always looking out for tweedy jackets lady and gents in charity shops to add leather / felt patches to elbows or add coloured buttons but so difficult to get hold of. Could you not put your designs on clients existing clothing, jackets / dresses etc. Keep up the good work. I would be proud to where any of your products. Very innovative
    Diane Callender

  6. Love, love, love your beautiful and unique designs. I’m a big fan of tweed, and to see a jacket teamed up with your stunning embroidery work just makes my day! 🙂

  7. Beautiful – it might fit me I’m a medium with non narrow shoulders. I could show up my daughter in her vintage tweed jacket.

  8. I love your little birds and think they look fab on this coat. It would probably be a bit big for me to wear 😦 Have you thought of making birdy brooches or iron on patches with birds on? Sorry if you already do this x

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  10. It’s beautiful…probably a bit small for me, but it would be an incentive for me to lose weight as it is so gorgeous. I would also make sure that it hung somewhere it could be seen by all, as it is work of art. It would be taken everywhere and shown to everyone….

  11. A great idea. I regularly wear my grandads harris tweed jacket which would look great with something like this on it as opposed to trying to make it look a bit more feminine with a brooch or scarf. Love zoe’s idea of iron on patches or even sew/fasten it on yourself birdies. Good luck x

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