What a difference a day makes.

You have to fail to succeed….

Things started to work today!

I have posted my pictures to facebook, If anyone is able to ‘share’ them I would be really grateful,

All my love,



Oh Crikey!

It’s not as easy as you think ‘getting back into work’ in a new environment. So far this week I have done a lot of tapping my fingers on the table, looking after a sick child for 2 days, sweating in the heat, making unneccessary outings just to divert from the things that need doing, downloading bits of Radio 4 that I NEED to sit & do work & producing a small amount of fairly terrible felting & printing.

I refuse to give up however & will plough on this week & see what else happens, it just goes to show how much we take our environment & the inspiration it feeds us with for granted.

I have very kindly attached some pictures of this weeks activities, the fun & the not so…

Help me Malaysia I need inspiration from you!!

Let the making commence!

blanketOh LORDY! my plans for this year have changed pretty dramatically. Instead of my year out & away from good ol’ Cornwall, home-educating our 3 children in Malaysia & doing a bit of my own work in between, they have all decided they would lik…e to try out a local Malaysian school- we didn’t think it was possible but apparently it is so as of Monday they will all spend their mornings somewhere culturally fun leaving me with every morning clear to really get back into things. So I will need all of you out there to help me get back into it. I need your love, support, direction & company please? What is it I make that you like the most? What should I be really concentrating on with this brilliant opportunity to make in the sunshine?

Happy New Year!

Believe it or not (this could be a good sign for 2013) but i’ve actually (between schooling the children & dashing off onto holidays) been doing some work- I know, amazing!

Here are some pictures of some things but also I have started a new page ‘Adventures & Inspiring stuff’ on my web page so that you can see where we are & see what it is like more easily. I will try to update it more often than I have been.