Malaysia ‘the adventure’

Well I promised myself I wouldn’t bore you with thousands of blog posts & pictures from Malaysia after all I am just a cornish artist from Cornwall not some fancy world traveller… but here I find myself in a very different part of the world in the boiling sunshine having a lovely time promised for a whole year! & it’s only day 2 so I musn’t get carried away with myself but this place is just STUFFED with inspiration, who could not want to go & get a new sketch book from a charming market stall in china town in Kuala Lumpur & not scribble as though it is the last day ever & draw as though your very life depends upon it :)Basically we are having a super lovely time & even though my camera gave out half way through the day I couldn’t resist sharing some of the beautiful parts with you & while I fight with the idea of making a gin & mango smoothie as it’s now 9.30pm on Friday evening, I will upload these pictures which I hope you will enjoy.

P.s. I think there might be LOTS of peacocks in my work this year xx

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