The sun is shining down here on the South Coast of Cornwall which as ever makes me feel like anything is possible, the vegetables are swelling & being eaten & any time I can make to do some art work is appreciated even more than normal.

It’s been a great few weeks, we did the jumble sale at the weekend & even though it was the sunniest of days & nobody wanted to be in the
institute , they all wanted to be outside on the beach we still took £100 for the homeless shelter! Which was a very good days work.

Then this week I had a lovely couple of days running felt-making workshops with the years 1 & 2 children at Gorran School.

I have also been collecting more pieces of art work from the fantastic framers in Mevagissey ready to send out into the big wide world next week (like the baby seagulls on our neighbours roof). I have an appointment to take some over to The Cry of the Gulls Gallery
in Fowey & I’m going this afternoon to take some down to our own beloved village ‘Coast Path Cafe’ which is on the coast path on the way down into Gorran Haven. (I’ll take some pictures of it so you can see how nice it is!)

I’ve also started, my new project which I have been inspired to do after our recent wedding- whilst adapting my wedding dress which I embroidered yellow roses onto, I was looking at 1940’s embroidery for examples because it has a style which I really, really like. I noticed that a lot of the subject matter for this embroidery was based upon putting time into a statement of devotion for a loved one who had maybe gone away to sea or to join the forces. The women embroidered ‘love’ and initials onto things with symbolic flowers and birds. I then wondered about the returned devotion from the men on the receiving sideand discovered some wonderful pictures of 1940’s tattoos with women’s names & the
same symbolic birds & flowers. I really liked the idea of combining the two mediums so I have started some new pieces of artwork- felted, sewn & embroidered tattoos, It’s really fun! I have included a couple of then in the slide show.

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