My Beautiful Homemade Wedding.

This weekend was the weekend that my partner ffinlo of almost ten
years and father of my three children and I got married.

I’ve never been a fan of the type of wedding that costs a fortune,
I would hate to spend thousands of pounds on a dress just for me, just for one
day, I would like to think it was more about the people you share it with and
taking the time to think about and make things because it feels good and ours
and special.

When I first started planning our wedding day I was home-educating
my boys so I decided that they should make my dress, they learnt to cut out the
pattern and they had it all sewn together and they were doing really well but
not with smiles on their faces……. When we went into Truro one day they saw
in a charity shop a bunch of wedding dresses, one of them with layers and
layers of lace netting with a bodice entirely encrusted with beads, my eldest
boy fell in love with this crazy meringue and begged me to buy it instead of
the dress they now confessed they thought was really ‘plain & boring’ that
they were making with me. Of course being a girl who doesn’t really enjoy being
the centre of attention very much I marched them out of the shop. The matter
didn’t drop however and when their dad got home that night they told him all
about the dress and how mean I was not to buy it!

I promised that next time we went into the town I would try it on
and maybe use it for dressing up. I did and it fit like a glove-like it was made
for me, ffinlo really wanted me to use it for my wedding dress.

So my dress was decided on and the lovely frock they were making
thrown to one side, but the beaded, classic wedding dress thing isn’t really my
style so the weeks were followed by me sitting at my table cutting off hundreds
of tiny pearl beads which entirely filled every gap in our house, then once
done the fun could begin. The ‘adding back on’.

I had a piece of fabric in my old chest of scraps which I really
wanted to use which has beautiful vintage rose print pattern. I chopped this in
half to sew on as a sash and used a bit of it to stitch onto the bodice with
some other free-hand drawn and stitched roses.

I’m also not a massive wearer of jewellery so I chose to wear my
lovely old pearl necklace and have added onto it (by a great friend and lady in
our village Beeg), one of the hearts from a pair of earrings given to me by my
friend Lucy when I was a bridesmaid for her a couple of years ago.

Our children were decked out by hand-me-downs, Rosie wearing the
most beautiful pink satin dress made by a granny and bought from an auction, I
added to it with some lovely old fabrics.

The programme for the day was to walk down and get married at our
little local church at 12 noon then onto the beach for a picnic in the
afternoon finished up with a Cornish dance in the evening, which sounded like
bliss, no table plans or speeches just a relaxed day with friends and family.

It almost happened just like that but because I am lucky and have
the most wonderful friends and live in a great village other things started to
be added to make it even better.

A week before the wedding a neighbour dropped onto our lawn a
tractor trailer and said ‘there you go Lou I will drive you to church with my
old vintage tractor’, while the original idea was to walk down to the church we
thought it was a kind & great idea so we decorated it with straw-bales
& bunting left over from a regatta day.

Another neighbour that week said they would like to bring some
guitars down with the band they have just got together and play some music in
the afternoon, we had The Cape Singers a Cornish singing group invited by my
father who sings with them to sing throughout the day but thought the more the

The kind offers of help continued throughout the week, Mavis a
lovely lady in our village offered to do some flowers for us picked from her
garden for the church. Our friend Kate painted the most wonderful signs to go
outside of the church and hall, another friend Susie made enough bunting to
wrap around the village 3 times!

The flowers for the hall were picked by my sister in the morning
and put into old jam jars and golden syrup tins.

Everyone helped; we were given cakes galore, Elderflower fizz, pasties,
pies, cards and homemade presents.

Almost everything was recycled or homemade and everyone had
a happy face.

It didn’t cost very much but everyone added to it so that it
belonged to all of us and we all had a really great day.

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I thought I would show you a quick before & after, these two pictures show my new raised beds when they were built and then now after only two months.

I’ve stuck in a couple of pictures of my little girl Rosie because she was so pleased yesterday to pick the radishes she planted from seed all by herself!

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Everything else in the garden has been completely abandoned while I make dresses, cakestands and lovely things for my wedding day which is now only 2 weeks away!!!