Rug Making???…

(the spare colours were from balls of wool found in charity shops or my poor mum!)I was delighted to hear on ‘Kirstie’s HMH’ this evening that Rug making was the most requested craft to learn! Does anyone at this end of Cornwall want to do a rug making class/evening classes?? I am more than happy to share my knowledge (and my piles of fabric) and teach a group who will help share the costs of hiring a hall to do it. You could use fabric from old clothes to act as a memory keepsake, I am part way through a rug made out my Rosie’s clothes which she has grown out/ruined.

I would also like to run some felt making classes in the new year as well if anyone is interested, this would probably be as a Saturday workshop.

You can email me;



The lovely Seaside

We’ve moved!

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& although I haven’t even found my work things yet out of the mountains of boxes here are a few pictures of the wonderful village we have moved into.