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I entered the ‘design a jute’ competition today with ‘Seasalt’ clothing.These are my two entries. They were done very quickly over a cup of tea but I would welcome comments and criticisms. 


Autumn colour explosion!

What an amazing day! We were greeted first thing with a super cold and white frost but as the day rushed along everything thawed exposing the most incredible colours out there, orange and yellow leaves, bright pink roses! I caught my first ever falling leaf. I was lucky enough to get in two dogs walks and to spend some time footling about outside.

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I also did a bit of work on this years christmas card- I make our cards EVERYYEAR without fail even when my babies were little. They change in theme and medium every year & this year it’s a lino print of a peace dove, I hope it shows the recipient of each card that I really do care……

Exhausting, but happily the day was ended by feeding the Rayburn with ash twigs & logs (I pride myself now on being able to light the fire without using anything like fire-lighters) until it got hot enough to roast the chestnuts which my children collected this morning.