Sheep for sale.

Following my last post it is time to look at selling our sheep! Please contact me for further details.



I need to re-balance the Art & Graft in my life, at the moment there is much more Graft than Art! going to Cornwall on tiny holidays has made us realise how important for little families it is to have the time together that we don’t get with all the work involved at home “Ned you weed the veggie patch” “Rosie be good- boys watch her!” “Billy feed the hens” is all I hear myself say at home-sigh. Times are going to change. We are starting by getting rid of the animals!!!!! & while I sobbed over this years fleeces realising I won’t have ‘my girls’ any more It will be lovely to be able to impulsively go camping whenever we want without finding animal sitters.

Seaside Making

I thought it would be a good idea to take some of the rubbish away from the beach by doing something useful with it. I think I might think of some other ideas? Any suggestions?

Complimentary colours

We looked at complimentary colours today at school, we created a lovely summer still life in the centre of the class, did lots of fun drawing then did a painting using only a pair of complimentary colours from the colour triangle.

More work for sale.

I have uploaded lots of work for sale today. Also these pictures (poor pictures) are of little ceramic birds glazed with copper oxide. I am feeling pretty pleased with them!


Things are really growing outside( & inside) I have more lettuce than I know what to do with. The beans outside are creeping up the sticks while inside the polytunnel we are getting our first delicious pods which I can’t resist eating as I water. There are lots of green peas, the tomatoes are large and green and the aubergines-which still seem like a bit of magic when they grow are turning from the deeply beautiful purple flowers to almost black shiny fruits. Courgettes are growing plump. It is all very peaceful outside.

Calling all potential rug-makers!

Wednesday night is rugmaking night. It will be at Karen’s this month (next door to me) At 7.30pm. So fabric scraps and latch hooks at the ready. (If you would like to come as a new person please let me know). Lou x

Another great Art day.

I spent the day with year 3&4 children today. We all had a great time, they warmed up with some random drawing practices (enjoying the one where they were not allowed to take the pencil off the paper at all for a whole portrait drawing) We then did some perspective drawings outside for a landscape picture using the end of a pencil to measure what they could see in the back/middle/fore-ground.

We ended the day by everyone in the class doing a mono-print, they really enjoyed this an seemed genuinely proud of their end result.