R.I.P. Maud, Margaret & Henny.

In the chaos that was last night I didn’t notice that someone??? had opened the back door of the hen house (normally only opened to clean it out) and a fox got in a killed my beautiful fat hens which we bought when we moved here. I know you are not meant to keep them as pets but these girls had become pets.

 I loved them.

 Rest in Peace, Maud, Margaret and Henny. xx

Elderflower and Rose cordial.

This morning Rosie and I have been out picking beautiful frothy elderflowers to make cordial, but because there are so many roses this year we have decided to throw them in as well- fingers crossed that they taste as nice as it sounds. It looks extremely beautiful. I feel very lucky.                                                                           It tastes Amazing! and went a fantastic colour pink.

A School Day.

I had a really lovely sunny day with a primary school in Cardiff. They did some lovely art work all based around the Welsh story ‘Rhys and the Cuckoo of Risca’


I’m going to host a ‘Swishing Evening’. Very exciting it appeals to my charity shopping, clothes swapping nature!

Smallholding Outings

 I had the Ruardean Beaver Scouts down yesterday to draw the sheep and eat cakes made from the contents of our garden. Lavender and Rhubarb cake, Rose petal buns and strawberry tarts. tasted pretty good. I have some L&R cake left over if anyone wants to drop in xx

New Header.

Very pleased with my new header! I’m going to do a few of them then I can change it depending on what I’m working on.

My first day off!

This is my first full day without Rosie since she was born almost three years ago. I have to say it’s lovely to be able to walk home quickly without pushing the pushchair and it’s fantastic to be able to do jobs at home at adult speed I’ve spent all morning baking, bread, strawberry tarts, Rhubarb cake and rose petal buns ready for the hungry Beaver group to come down this evening to look at the sheep and do some drawing. But……  picking strawberries for the tarts without Rosie is definately much less fun.

But onwards, I have an afternoon ahead of me with time to do some felting on my new header.- in the glorious sun.